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IN:DREAM Herbal Sleep formula Helps to fall asleep faster Plant based ingredients Bioavailable delivery system Tested for safety and purity in the USA Modernized Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas Cumulative benefits for deep sleep Non habit forming All natural flavors to please your palate
IN:DREAM Herbal Sleep formula Helps to fall asleep faster Plant based ingredients All natural flavors to please your palate Tested for safety and purity in the USA

  • 10 portable packs per box.
  • Pour IN:DREAM powder in a cup, add 8-12 ounces of cold or warm water, and stir.  Be careful with hot water as it may fizz.  Some clumping may occur, which often happens with natural ingredients, like herbs.  Using a small amount of warm water first will help dissolve the herbal mixture best.
  • Drink entire contents of packet within 5-10 minutes for maximum efficacy.
  • Effective within 15-30 minutes after use. 
  • Take 15-30 minutes before bed time for a natural sleep aid.
  • Benefits of staying asleep through the night improve with use.
  • May cause drowsiness.

  • IN:ability to fall asleep
  • IN:tense jetlag
  • IN:undated with worries
  • IN:terruption by bad dreams
  • IN:convenient reaction to drinking wine

Inspired Ingredients

Harnessing the power of medicinal roots, power seeds and beneficial mushrooms which are adaptogens and antioxidants, our blend of herbs was carefully crafted with millennia of usage and many of them with clinically proven benefits.

Licorice Root has been used to treat inflammatory diseases since ancient times in China.  With 295 papers reviewing licorice’s benefits, the verdict is out - it is good stuff. Additional clinical trial information

Mimosa Tree Bark aka “collective happiness bark”, is one of the most valued Chinese botanicals for relieving stress, anxiety and depression.  Clinically shown to have anti-depressant properties. Additional clinical trial information

Ophiopogonis Root  is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat irritability and restlessness that are worse at night causing sleeplessness and anxiety.

Chinese Date is simply joyous. High in vitamin C, this fruit is used to help with stress, anxiety, and low energy.

Biota Seed is a sweet little seed from an Asian Arborvitae that is used to reduce irritability, excess worry, and anxiety so that these pesky symptoms won’t bother you when you sleep.

Jujube Seed demonstrated an effective sedative and hypnotic function in a Chinese study*, hence why we put the extract in our IN:DREAM formula, so you can fall asleep easier.  Additional clinical trial information

Wolfporia Extensa, a mushroom which, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is used for it’s calming and tonic effects, has demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity. Additional clinical trial information

Ligusticum Root traditionally helps move and invigorate blood so that the heart and brain function at their optimum. This results in a better night sleep.

Anemarrhenae Root helps boost your yin which helps secure you a good’s night sleep.

Polygala Radix will help you fall asleep gently. It’s been shown to have a rapid-onset antidepressant-like effect according to clinical trials. Additional clinical trial information 

Other Ingredients: natural pomegranate flavor, citric acid (an organic acid from citrus fruits), maltodextrin (a starch made from food for consistency), stevia extract (plant based sweetener, calcium silicate (a natural food additive to help with natural clumping of the herbal extracts), monk fruit extract (a fruit based sweetener), and beet root powder (for color).

Have a question about our herbs? Ask Simone.


Caution: as with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, anticipate surgery, take medication on a regular basis or are otherwise under medical supervision.

Tired of feeling tired? Is anxiety keeping you awake at night? If you struggle with sleep problems and have been unsuccessful with supplements and sleep aids in the past, our fast-acting sleep formula will help you to get the rest you need.

Taking our supplement fifteen to thirty minutes before bedtime will have you sleeping peacefully through the night with no morning grogginess. You'll find yourself falling asleep faster than ever before, with less of a chance of waking up during the night. Even if you are awakened before morning, going back to sleep will be much easier.

Concerned about purity? So are we. Our ingredients are all plant-based, non-GMO, and free of gluten and pesticides. Also, we thoroughly test our products for the sake of safety as well as effectiveness and bio-availability. Every one of our products is required to pass a rigorous testing process to ensure that they measure up to our high standards of quality.

With IN:DREAM, we have taken traditional Chinese medicine and modernized the formulas to make sleep problems a thing of the past. Our product is non habit forming with all natural flavors. Order IN:DREAM today and see how much better a good night’s sleep can feel!

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