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"I am a R.N. working in women's health and have been a client of Simone's for 10 years. I have used the IN:Peace packets for my episodes of anxiety which all of us experience from time to time and wow! Such ease of use, pleasant to drink, hydrating and really effective in such a gentle and subtle way. You will be so pleased with the results and can trust Simone's product is top of the line. Wishing you all "total wellness" - Susan Ferrentino, R.N.
"I am a Pain Management Specialist MD  that has been working with Simone at St. Vincent’s for 5 years.  She gave me IN:Motion to try when I was suffering from an issue. It gave me relief for 8 hours.  It was one of the most helpful experiences I’ve had with Traditional Chinese Medicine regarding neuropathic pain.  That compounded with the lack of side effects made me a believer in IN:Motion and I will strongly encourage this to my future patients." - Cristina Tamasdan, M.D., Pain Management Specialist, St. Vincent's Hospital
"I have been working with Simone for 3 years and her methods have helped me immensely. Using the IN:Motion product was amazing. It offered instant pain relief in my shoulders which have been a problem for me for years. I would totally recommend this product to anyone and everyone who is an athlete, especially in those who do Crossfit or any sport like it."  - Jon Basti, head coach of Lacrosse at Sacred Heart University

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Seventeen, October 2018