Alcohol—Stress Reliever or Stress Inducer?

Alcohol—Stress Reliever or Stress Inducer?

We can all benefit in multiple ways from changing some habits and reducing toxins in our lives.  Unfortunately, it's a harsh reality that we carry toxins in our bodies, which can stress our physical and emotional selves.  And we may be introducing toxins into our bodies that we may think are stress reducers, but that actually increase stress vs. reducing it. 

A common belief is that having a drink—a glass of wine, a beer for example—is a stress-reducer.  Many of us have a habit of drinking some type alcoholic beverage when we get home after a long day of work.  With the intake of alcohol, our body goes through a number of different reactions--we may feel lighter and relaxed at first, then we may feel tired.  Even small amounts of alcohol—1 drink in an hour—has an impact on the body’s functions, which are taxing on the body and put it under stress. 

Because alcohol is foreign to the body, the body goes into overdrive to try to absorb it and remove it.  When you consume alcohol, it first enters the digestive system. Alcohol isn’t digested like food and other drinks, however. About 20 percent of the alcohol from a single drink moves directly to the blood vessels. From there, it’s carried to your brain. The rest of the 80 percent goes to your small intestine, then to your bloodstream.  The final step of the alcohol life cycle is its removal from the body through the liver.  Needless to say, this is a lot of added processing for the body, and in the end, it adds more stress than it relieves. 

It is also important to note that even small amounts of alcohol can disrupt sleep.  According to the findings of multiple studies, even as little as one drink can impair sleep quality and disrupt circadian rhythm function. Although it may allow healthy people to fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply for a little while, alcohol reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is the more restful sleep that allows for recovery. So, we wake feeling tired and already under stress, both emotionally and physically. 

My answer to relaxing in a healthy way after a stressful day of work?  I steer clear of having a glass of wine or some other alcoholic drink, which would add more stress to my body.  Instead, I take a dose of IN:PEACE.  IN:PEACE is chocked full of stress-relieving herbs, which are easily absorbed and digested.  So, no added stressors, just stress relievers! 

Be Well!


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