Let's all have some Mimosa Tree Bark (aka Collective Happiness) on Election Day!

Let's all have some Mimosa Tree Bark (aka Collective Happiness) on Election Day!

A quick look on social media or watching the news makes it obvious that there are strong feelings around Tuesday's elections. On the positive side, we have an electorate that is more engaged than previous mid-term elections, but feelings are running high. No matter if you lean right, left or right down the middle, this election has people involved and anxious about the results. I have some tips to make it through Election Day calmer, cooler and more collected.


  • I am voting tomorrow as I find voting an empowering act to express my beliefs about the future of my town, state and country. I don't think there is an easier way to make your wishes known than by voting. Not registered to vote? There are seventeen states and Washington DC that allow Election Day registration.


  • I am making a conscious choice to unplug from the constant stream of information on Election Day. In the age of a 24-hour news cycle, I believe that taking a break from watching the news or checking social media for Election updates on Tuesday will be a great self-care strategy. If you are invested in the results of the election, just tune in at the end of the day.  Constant updating of election results or predictions can make your day a stressful one.


  • I will be channeling my energy in productive ways. Exercise is also a great way to burn off some steam. I am going to be taking a long walk and enjoy the fall foliage first thing on Tuesday. If the weather won't cooperate, I will probably head to the gym and take a yoga class or hop on a spin bike. Not into exercise? Start tackling things at work or home that have been put aside. Being productive and checking things off a to-do list always makes me feel less stressed, empowered and in control.


  • Breathe. Sounds simple right? When I focus and enjoy the simple act of breathing, I enjoy an immediate calming effect. Focusing on your breath has been proven to reduce anxiety and promote mental calmness.


Sometimes even these self-care strategies aren't enough to calm me down -- that is when I reach for IN:PEACE. IN:PEACE is extremely effective at calming anxiety and a busy mind. IN:PEACE contains Mimosa Tree bark aka “collective happiness bark”. It is one of the most valued Chinese botanicals for relieving stress, anxiety and depression and is clinically shown to have anti-depressant properties.   Mixed with water, IN:PEACE is a delicious, all-natural method to reduce stress and anxiety. A great option to put in your toolbox when life winds you up.  IN:PEACE is available via Amazon and can be delivered in time for the Tuesday results using express delivery.  


Be Well,


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