Why Native Americans Love Sage and Use It As Herbal Medicine

Why Native Americans Love Sage and Use It As Herbal Medicine

Like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native Americans have practiced their healing arts for thousands of years, using herbs to heal their body, mind and spirit.  Native Americans believe that illness is a sign of misalignment in spirit as well as in the physical body. Addressing the spiritual well-being of the sick is considered equally or even more important than addressing the actual physical ailments. 

Sage is one herb that has become famous for its healing properties. In Latin, sage translates to salvia, derivative of salvus, which mean safe, so named from its supposed healing powers.  It has long been used for it’s spiritual cleansing properties but did you know sage’s medicinal properties?  Sage acts as an anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant and research shows that sage is an outstanding memory enhancer.  In other research, the dried root of Salvia miltiorrhiza, also known as Danshen or Chinese sage, contains active compounds similar to those developed into modern drugs used to treat Alzheimer's Disease.  

With so many benefits of sage, why not use it this year in your Thanksgiving recipes!  I love adding sage, along with parsley and thyme, to Thanksgiving stuffing.  You can also make some sage butter to help keep your turkey moist. If you feel like your house just isn’t the same after your guests leave, try smudging your house with a white sage stick.  

No matter where the cultural origin, there are thousands of years of historical use that supports the use of plant-based medicine to treat illness and disease.  And in recent years, there has been a resurgence of the use of traditional remedies. According to the World Health Organization, 75% of the world's population is using herbs for basic healthcare needs.  One driver behind people choosing to use herbs vs. modern pharmaceutical drugs is the side effects of chemical drugs.  Some good news is that global pharmaceutical companies have begun to rediscover herbs as a source of natural product development.  

For a comprehensive formula that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herbs, try IN:MOTION.  It’s fast acting ingredients will help you feeling better naturally while boosting your overall health and mood.

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