What You Might Not Know About Water Weight and the Stress Connection

What You Might Not Know About Water Weight and the Stress Connection

Do you ever feel stressed out and suddenly realize you haven’t taken a deep breathe in what seems like forever?  After a stressful period, do you feel fatigued and have low energy?  Or do you feel bloated and puffy in certain places of your body or even all over your whole body?


One of the reasons we feel so badly after stress can be quite clear if we simply think of the fact that we are not breathing the way we should be.  The lack of those deep breathes minimizes circulation to places like our digestive system.  The lack of blood and oxygen to these vital organs means they are not functioning at their optimum. Not surprising that the lack of circulation can cause unwanted effects, like water weight, or edema.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, edema is the abnormal retention and accumulation of water in the body as a result of failure of the lung, the spleen and the kidney in their functions of transforming, transporting and distributing fluids. The excess water then overflows into the interstitial tissues in the muscles and the skin. You may notice swelling in your face, eyelids, arms, legs, stomach, or even your entire body!


Along with regular exercise, yoga and a diet rich in fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and non-processed foods, try incorporating IN:PEACE during your daily routine.  IN:PEACE is rich in ingredients that can help you relax and lower your cortisol levels.  It's also rich in adaptogens, plants that help your mind and body adapt to extraneous stress.  When you’re feeling relaxed, you can breathe deeper which means your digestion is functioning at a more optimum level.  When your digestion is optimum and you have mental clarity to choose the right foods for yourself, you can reduce the frustrating water weight.

The best thing about IN:PEACE? It works within 15-30 minutes and can last 6-8 hours. You can take it up to 3x a day.


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